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Xiaomi Smart Band 8

takes fitness tracking to the next level. Upgraded version from Xiaomi Smart Band 7 This lightweight activity band packs an array of features into its compact design, motivating you to stay active and healthy.

The Smart Band 8 features a 1.62 inch AMOLED colour display, providing bright, vivid stats right on your wrist. It tracks all-day activity like steps taken, calories burned, and duration of activities. Advanced sensors even detect specific workouts like walking, running, elliptical, rowing, and more automatically.

When worn to bed, the Smart Band 8 unlocks advanced sleep tracking. It monitors sleep stages, analyses sleep quality, and provides actionable suggestions for better rest. The band also has 24/7 heart rate monitoring capabilities.

This handy tracker offers over 150 different sports modes to cater to a wide variety of activities. Whether on the treadmill, in the pool, or on the trails, the Smart Band 8 offers detailed workout analysis. It’s also 5ATM rated for water resistance.

The Smart Band 8 packs up to 16 days of battery life on a single charge, outlasting most competitors. Convenient magnetic charging makes powering back up a breeze.

With smart notifications, music control, weather updates, timer and stopwatch functions, find your fitness motivation on the feature-packed new Xiaomi Smart Band 8.


Look And Feel, The Smoothness On Your Wrist

A higher refresh rate delivers a super smooth experience, with eye-catching operation and swipe motions. Stepless automatic brightness adjustment with precise adaptation to the ambient brightness. Whenever you raise your wrist, the brightness will adjust to the perfect level that is also gentle on your eyes.

*The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 features a pill-shaped display design that sits within a standard rectangle. Measured according to the standard rectangle, the diagonal length of the screen is 1.62 inches.


Easy-Detachable Straps, Completely Redesigned With A Sleek Texture

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 has been upgraded with Easy-detachable Straps that not only allow you to easily switch between different strap designs and materials, but also allows you to remove the strap entirely. The elegant body features a stylish metallic finish.

A Selection Of Stylish Straps, Express Your Taste By Make Your Choice

The Easy-detachable Straps offers even more possibilities to express your style, with a range of strap designs and materials – and even a brand new necklace design.

*Comes with a black/white TPU strap as standard. Other straps must be purchased separately.
*Sale subject to the release date shown on the official website.


Over 150 Fitness Modes To Suit Your Preferences

Switch To [Pebble Mode]

You can enter the pebble mode from the band or Mi fitness app.
Remove the regular band strap, fit it into the Running Clip and clip it onto your shoe laces.

Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Adjustments

In the Mi Fitness app, start walking, running or cycling. As you run, you can check your stride frequency, stride length, impact force and impact style, making it easy to adjust your running form in real time.

Specialist Data For Detailed Improvements

At the end of your run, you can view all the specialist data in the app, as well as dedicated metrics and interpretations of data to help you make further improvements.

Vitality Score

Evaluates your current state of physical vitality and converts it into a vitality score based on the moderate to vigorous activity you have done over a 7-day period*

Smart Companion Mode

Prefer to run with a partner? Smart Companion Mode shows you the difference between your position and the set pace in real time.

On-Wrist Running Courses

Choose between 10 built-in running courses with different training intensity to suit your own physical condition and athletic experience.

*Refer to the WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour for recommendations on exercise: Adults should do at least 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity; or at least 75-150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity;

or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity throughout the week to see substantial health benefits.


Multi-Screen Smart Connecting

Smartphone settings such as quick pop-up window pairing, message notifications, do not disturb mode, and schedule, can be synchronised with your band in no time.

*The quick pop-up window pairing feature is only supported on some Xiaomi smartphone models with the latest software version updated; the auto-synchronising of do not disturb mode is only supported on Android 11.0 or higher; the schedule synchronising is only supported on MIUI smartphones and iOS Calendar app; Please make sure to upgrade the firmware and software to the latest versions.


Quick Charging And An Extra-Long Battery Life, Ready To Help All Day

With the fast charging upgrade, your Smart Band can be fully charged in just 1 hour. Typical usage extends the battery life to 16 days, whilst the watch can last up to 6 days in AOD mode, so you can just get on with life.

– 16 days Typical usage mode*
– 6 days AOD mode*

Superior Water Resistance To 5ATM*

Waterproof to 5ATM*, so there’s no need to take it off for swimming. Dive in, stress-free.

*This product and its features are not designed to be a medical device, and are not intended to predict, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease.
*Xiaomi Smart Band 8 comes with a black/white TPU in-box strap as standard. Other straps must be purchased separately.
*The display data has been obtained from Xiaomi Labs.
*50m water resistance: The 50m water resistance is based on standard ISO 22810:2010 and tested by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Water resistance report numbers:Xiaomi Smart Band 8: GZPL221201181601SC.The band has a water resistance rating of 5ATM (50 metres in depth). It can be worn in the swimming pool, while swimming near the shore, or during other shallow-water activities. However, It cannot be used in hot showers, sauna, or diving. Furthermore, remember to avoid the band being directly impacted by swift currents during water sports. The water-resistant function is not permanent and may decline over time.
*The SpO2 feature is not intended for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, or prognosis of any disease; investigation of physiological processes; or any other medical purpose. All data and tracking should be used for well-being and personal reference only. If you feel uncomfortable, please rely on professional medical devices or consult a doctor for assistance.
*All images, audio or videos used are for illustrative purposes solely to demonstrate the functionality of the product and are not fully representative of the product itself.
*Specific IP band faces may be removed in the future if copyright expiry occurs, please refer to availability.
*Typical usage mode test conditions for the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: Fully charged, factory default settings, and static display, with high-precision sleep monitoring, in-sleep breathing quality monitoring and all-day stress monitoring turned off. Heart rate monitoring every 30 minutes and message notifications (100 messages, 10 calls, and 3 alarms per day) enabled; wrist raised to engage screen 200 times per day; app data synchronised once per day; blood oxygen manually measured twice per day; and exercise monitoring for 60 minutes per week.
*AOD mode test conditions for the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: Fully charged, factory default settings, static display, and smart AOD function turned on, but high-precision sleep monitoring, in-sleep breathing quality monitoring and all-day stress monitoring turned off. Heart rate monitoring every 30 minutes and message notifications (100 messages, 10 calls, and 3 alarms per day) enabled; app data synchronised once per day; blood oxygen manually measured twice per day; and exercise monitoring for 60 minutes per week.
*All battery life test data is obtained from Xiaomi Laboratory. Battery life during actual use depends on various factors such as settings, operation and usage environment, and may differ from the laboratory data.
*Features including but not limited to notifications of messages and incoming calls require Mi Fitness to run constantly in the background. For more information, please refer to the settings in the application.

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Graphite Black, Gold


48mm x 22.5mm x 10.99mm
*Height, width and thickness dimensions exclude the strap and protrusions
Weight: 27g
*With in-box strap
In-box Band Strap
Size: 135mm-210mm
Material: TPU


1.62 inch AMOLED Touch Display
Resolution: 192 x 490 pixels
Brightness: up to 600 nits, adjustable
Case material: 2.5D reinforced glass case


High precision 6-axis senser
PPG heart rate sensor
Ambient light sensor


Charging type: magnetic charging
Charging time: approx. 1 hour
Typical use time: = 16 days
Capacity: 190mAh


5ATM water resistant
App: Mi Fitness
Bluetooth 5.1 BLE
Compatibility: supports smartphones with Android 6.0/ ios 12.0 and above

Package contents

Band body x1
Band strap x1
Dedicated charging cable x1
User manual x1

24 reviews for Xiaomi Smart Band 8

Based on 24 reviews
  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Love it!


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  2. John Dillon (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, have used previously and as usual prompt service, will be using again

    John Dillon

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  3. Anthony R. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase. A good price and good product

    Anthony R.

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  4. Louise T. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my watch great options, nice and comfortable to wear

    Louise T.

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  5. Valentina Romero (verified owner)

    Fast delivery! Amazing product

    Valentina Romero

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  6. Anonymous (verified owner)


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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)



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  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This Smart Band 8 was chosen to replace a well loved, but elderly, Samsung Gear Fit 2. I really like my new Smart Band, so much so that I am considering replacing my tired Apple X phone with a new Xiaomi model. The Smart Band was easy to set up and is simple to use. it is also very light and comfortable to wear and now 6 days after delivery is still at 68% battery. Delivery was speedy and efficient.


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  9. Pablo J. (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect

    Pablo J.

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  10. SUSAN P. (verified owner)

    Great service, next day delivery

    SUSAN P.

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  11. John D. (verified owner)

    As advertised, all good fast delivery

    John D.

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  12. Derek Egan (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Really fast delivery

    Derek Egan

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  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, Great smart band.


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  14. Margaret (verified owner)

    Great service. Next day delivery. Top marks.


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  15. Nan Fynes (verified owner)

    super fast delivery and great gadget

    Nan Fynes

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  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought the light colour watch, the device itself is fine but the watch strap became discolored within 2 weeks, very poor customer service in response. Wouldn’t recommend.


    (0) (1)
  17. Ruta A. (verified owner)

    Ruta A.

    (0) (0)
  18. Francesco (verified owner)

    Watch is a great upgrade from the 7.
    Definitly recommend for anyone looking for a slim profile, very reasonable priced device with a SUPER quick delivery time.


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  19. Kamila (verified owner)

    Fast service, highly recommended


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  20. Andrei-Alin Achimut (verified owner)

    Andrei-Alin Achimut

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  21. David Lillie (verified owner)

    Very hard to get set up. I had to unpair my band 6 and keep it out of blutuoth range, thn download th mi fitness app, then charge the band 8 and select English, Then NOT pain it with my phone, then use the fitness app to pair the device and finally it worked. None of this was in the tiny manual that came with it, with print so small it wasn’t readable, nor could I find these instruction on line.. I was about to give up and return it when I finally found the right combinationto make it work. Arghh

    David Lillie

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  22. Aleksandra (verified owner)

    I love it!


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  23. Catherine Smyth (verified owner)

    Excellent Product thank you

    Catherine Smyth

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  24. Edvardas Mickevicius (verified owner)

    Edvardas Mickevicius

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