Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200


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Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200

IP65 | For indoor and outdoor use | Two-way voice communication | Motion detection | Works with Alexa and Google Home | assistants Detachable base | Time-lapse photography


High definition 1080p color night vision

Zoom in daylight without blurring, color recovery in nightlight

The Xiaomi AW200 outdoor camera has a resolution of 1920 × 1080p, which guarantees excellent image quality, digital zoom and detail magnification. The large F1.6 aperture also helps increase exposure and improves image clarity. The color night vision goggle adapted to very low light allows you to see the colors of daylight in very limited light conditions.


940 nm infrared night vision
See everything clearly in total darkness without the distracting red dot

Improved infrared night vision ensures good visibility even in complete darkness. When the night vision mode is activated and the 940 nm LEDs are on, no red dot is visible. Better performance than 850 nm LEDs. Uninterrupted operation of the infrared night vision device.


Water and dust resistant design (IP65)

For use in indoor and outdoor monitoring
The Xiaomi AW200 outdoor camera is rated IP65 dust and water resistance and is designed with a professional waterproof speaker, microphone and power port. Mount it anywhere, regardless of weather conditions. Its small size also allows it to be used indoors.
Two-way clear voice communication
Live-like conversations and interactions with two-way voice communication up to 5 meters away.
People recognition technology
Receive notifications on your smartphone when abnormal behavior is detected

AI Human Detection technology filters out false positives caused by non-person motion detection. Whenever a person is detected, a notification will be sent to your smartphone to ensure your safety


Compact design, detachable base

Easy to install – free standing, wall or ceiling mounted
Its smart design and flexible base make it a true indoor and outdoor piece of equipment. Regardless of whether you place it by the fence, over the front gate, on the fireplace or on the ceiling – it will work inside and outside the building, in any appropriate place.
Time-lapse photography, personalized sounds, even more fun

Record time-lapse videos of blooming flowers or sunrises and sunsets. Thanks to the personalized sounds function, the camera automatically plays personalized sound recordings when it detects moving objects.


Better security for local storage + cloud storage

Local microSD support for automatic loop recording. Cloud storage support*. After activating the service, the event push video will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and the real-time dynamic video viewing feature will be enabled.


Works with Alexa and Google Home services
The camera can be paired with an Alexa or Google smart display to view surveillance footage on the device and turn it on or off by voice*.

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Product name
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200

Product model no.

Rated input


Video encoding

Operating temperature
-20°C to 50°C


Lens angle

Wireless connection
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Storage mode
Micro SD card

Power extension leads
Wire size: 18 20 22 24

Maximum length allowed:
34m 26m 18m 8m


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