Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5 Inch Colour Edition


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In stock

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Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″ Colour Edition

Draw on the move, capture moments with a full palette
Vibrant brushstrokes | One-tap clear screen | Magnetic pen | Lightweight and portable | Dust-free and ink-free | Long battery life

Colour Gradient Partition For True Colour Brushstrokes

Custom-made colour liquid crystal film with partition colour display, for a full range of colour. Apply pressure and create wider strokes for a natural way to create.

Use The Pen Cap To Clear The Screen Effortlessly

Gently tap the Hall sensor area above the writing tablet with the top of the pen to clear the screen quickly and start fresh.

Magnetic Pen, Nook For Safe Storage

Designed to hold the pen, the nook design is simple and effective, magnetically securing the pen so it isn’t left behind.

Lightweight, Portable, And Easy To Carry

Narrow bezel, high screen-to-body ratio, larger canvas for writing and sketching. Enjoy drawing with this lightweight and portable draw pad wherever you go.

LCD Screen With Eye Care Feature, Dust-Free, Ink-Free, And Filters Blue Light

Non-backlit screen for handwriting with natural light reflection, with no harm to eyes. Reusable, avoiding paper waste and protecting forest resources.

Low Energy Consumption For Longer Battery Life

The zero power LCD screen only consumes a small amount of power when the screen is cleared. The single button cell battery lasts up to 365 days if the screen is cleared 100 times per day*.
– 100 times per day
– Up to 365 days

Take Notes With Your Partner

Express your affection with loving reminders, notes, and messages.

Jot Down Your Inspirations Anytime You Want

Meeting minutes, mind maps, design sketches, and colourful brushstrokes to capture sparks of inspiration.

Clear Button

Clear the screen with the top-mounted button

Lock Button

Lock to prevent accidental deletion

Thick Exterior Made Of ABS

Comfortable to touch, strong and durable exterior

*All data referred to on this page is sourced from Jiqidao Laboratory.
*Data may vary or be inaccurate due to differences in the objective environment and other factors.

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Product model

Product dimensions
214 × 300 × 7.2mm

Main materials
ABS, polymer solid liquid-crystal display soft film

Battery type
Button cell battery (CR2025)

Package contents

LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″ ×1
Stylus ×1
User manual ×1
Warranty notice ×1


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