Xiaomi Inface Electric Blackhead Removal MS7000

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Xiaomi Inface Electric Blackhead Removal MS7000

Product Features

– 2 Modes, perfect for men and women
Strong suction For Men/ Comfort skin For women

– 3 Suction Settings for different skin types

– 4 Beautifying nozzles for cleaning different areas
Cleans blackheads / Protects sensitive skin / Tightens skin / Acne cleansing


1 – Soaking
After cleaning, apply hot towel for 3-5 minutes to relax the pores.

2 – Suction
1. Double-press the touch button to turn on, press and hold to select the direct or soothing suction mode, perform a suction test on your hand, and then press the touch button to select the appropriate setting.
2. Move the device appropriately after applying it to the skin. Do not leave it stationary for long periods of time.
3. After clearing the blackhead, press the touch key twice to turn off the machine, and use wet wipes or water to clean the area to which suction was applied.

3 – Clean-up
We recommend fully soaking the cotton pad with the blackhead softening fluid, and applying the cotton pad to the nose for 8-10 minutes.

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