Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tire 8.5 Inch

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In stock

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Better shock absorbance for a more comfortable ride
The 8.5-inch pneumatic tire not only keeps your ride stable on smooth road surfaces,
but also provides you the comfort on bumpy roads with better shock absorbance.

Upgraded performance, improved durability
The sturdiness and anti-puncture performance of the tire have been thoroughly improved to effectively prevent tire punctures and make your ride safer.

Product specifications
Size: 8*1/2 × 2 inches
Pattern No.: C9339
Max. Tire Pressure: 50psi
Inf. Pressure: 75kg
Carcass + Breaker: 2 + 0
Rim Size: 6.1×1.38”
Outside Diameter: 230±3mm
Section Width: 50±2mm
Tire Fabric: Nylon
Tire Tread Depth: 3.0±0.3mm
Weight (g): 470g±50g

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