Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite – White

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite

Ride with Style

Aluminium alloy body

Stylish design
Minimalist handlebar + bold colour scheme

25km/h maximum speed*
Powerful ride performance

3 steps folding

20 km range*
Easily copes with short distances
Climbs gradients up to 14%*
Handle with various road conditions effortlessly.

Fast riding and easy climbing
The thinner frame delivers the same strong performance but with less load on the body, giving the scooter enhanced speed and climbing ability for fast, stable and lightweight travel.

14 % gradient climbing ability*
25 km/h maximum speed*
300 W rated power*

3 freely adjustable gear settings to meet various riding needs

Switch between 3 power modes—Pedestrian, Standard and Sport—to meet different needs, such as fast travel speed or extended battery life.

Pedestrian mode 6km/h*   Standard mode 15km/h*   Sport mode 25km/h*

High quality lithium battery, 20km travel distance
The high-quality lithium battery has passed 36 rigorous tests and when fully charged has a 20km range, which is easily sufficient for all short-distance travel needs. At the same time, the BMS intelligently provides all-round battery protection.

The lightweight, easy way to travel

Fast folding in 3 steps
Innovative folding design evaluated by TÜV Rheinland*
(according to EN17128) for a minimalist appearance, convenient storage, and more stability.

High-strength aluminium alloy material, lightweight and easy to carry on the move
Designed for young people who pursue a light and fast lifestyle, the scooter is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminium alloy, making it lighter, easier to lift and more convenient to carry when out and about.

Minimalist T-shaped handlebar with compact look and feel
The simplified handlebar design creates a visual sense of minimalism and lightness. The front light are also moved downwards to reduce top-heaviness and free up space for a larger instrument panel, optimising the user’s display experience.

Classic ergonomics, designed for comfort

10mm wider deck for better stability and comfort
The deck width is increased by 10mm to improve standing stability when riding, ensuring a more steady and comfortable ride.

Integrated display for clear information at a glance
The previously divided display areas are integrated into a single display* with a minimalist layout, for a better and more concise visual experience.

Greatly improved display visibility when riding
Redefined UI* with more distinct information areas, highlighted speed Information and iconized battery status bar. The instrument panel is now much easier to read even when riding on bumpy roads.

Upgraded app UI with visualized information at a glance
The home page can display riding data, recent ride history and vehicle error alerts.

>Estimated mileage
>Secure connection
>Error alerts

* 25km/h maximum speed: Under room temperature (25±5)°C and average wind speed ≤3m/s conditions, on an electric scooter tested with 50% battery level, adjusted to Sports mode, accelerated in the auxiliary driving area and maintaining maximum speed on reaching the test area, maximum speed in the test area was 25km/h as measured by tachometer or Bluetooth and instrument panel respectively. *Maximum speed may vary by country depending on local regulations.
* 20km range: According to tests by the China National Testing and Inspection Centre for Radio and TV Products, with full battery level and a vehicle load of 75kg卤5kg, with the scooter moving at a constant speed of 15km/h on a flat road until the vehicle speed was significantly reduced such that it could not move, measured range was over 20km. Report number: OTA1-20220604.
* Pedestrian mode 6km/h: Under the same test conditions as those for maximum speed, the measured maximum speed of the electric scooter in Pedestrian mode was 6km/h.
* Standard mode 15km/h: Under the same test conditions as those for maximum speed, the measured maximum speed of the electric scooter in Standard mode was 15km/h.
* High-strength aluminium alloy: 6061 aluminium alloy, tested for hardness and tensile performance to the GB/T6892-2015 standard.
* 14% gradient climbing ability: When riding a scooter with total load 75kg±5kg and battery level 70%±10% up a 10m ramp from the bottom at 15km/h, the vehicle can move steadily on the ramp, with no stalling or power failure during the test, and must exit the top of the ramp at a speed greater than 6km/h. Conformity requirement: gradient climbing ability greater than 13%. Report number: OTA1-20220604.
* 300W rated power test method: Power reading taken from a dynamometer according to 5.2.1 of QB/T 2946-2020, at a rated torque of 4.8N.m. Conformity requirement: 250W±20W. Report number: OTA1-20220604.
* Thinner frame and wider deck compared with reference product Mi Electric Scooter Essential.
* Redefined UI and integrated display compared with reference product Mi Electric Scooter Essential.
* Charging port moved upwards and folding mechanism moved forwards compared with reference product Mi Electric Scooter Essential.

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Rated power: 300W
Dimensions: 1105 x 430 x 1137mm
Vehicle net weight: approx. 13kg
Folded dimensions: 1104 x 429 x 484mm
Maximum load: 100kg
Applicable age: 16 to 50 years
Applicable height: 120 to 200cm
Maximum speed: 25km/h
Maximum range: approx. 20km
Maximum gradient climbing ability: approx. 14%
IP protection class: IPX4
Charging time: approx. 4.5 hours

UK standard adapter
Output power: 53.3W
Input voltage: 100 – 240V~
Maximum output voltage: 42.0V
Rated output: 41.0V 1.3A

Rated voltage: 36V
Maximum charging voltage: 42V
Rated energy: 187Wh
Rated capacity: 5.2Ah
Charging temperature range: 0℃ – 40℃
Vehicle net weight: approx. 13kg

Package contents
Scooter x1
Pump extension hose x1
Hex key x1
Screws x5
Ireland 3 pin Power adapter x1
User manual x1
Legal statement x1
Quick start guide x1

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  1. Marina C. (verified owner)

    The scooter is great, feels smooth under the feet, not too much vibration. It charges relatively quickly, about 1.5 – 2 hours from completely depleted to full charge. After 2 months the tire pressure is still fine. All in all, I really like it 🙂

    Marina C.

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  2. Daniel Sanchez (verified owner)

    Be careful before buying a Xiaomi electric scooter.
    The service offered by Xiaomi is a disgrace.
    I received a broken scooter, I complained about it, they told me to send it to their repair centre to be checked, they confirmed that it was broken and instead of giving me a new one, they wanted to make me pay for the repair. After multiple complaints I was told that they would pay for the repair, to which I replied that I didn’t want a repair, I wanted a new scooter, for which I paid 420€. I was told that it was not possible, that they would fix it and send it to me.
    More than 3 months without the product… what a scam.

    Daniel Sanchez

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