Xiaomi 67W Car Charger (USB-A + Type-C)


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In stock

Delivery on 16, April 2024

Product description

High performance 67W car charger, supporting fast charging for two devices

Main functions

▪ Dual port fast charging, compatible with a wide range of devices
▪ Type-C port outputs up to 67W for charging Xiaomi phones
▪ Smart detection of output current, wide compatibility including driving recorders and phones
▪ Cycle light effect, multiple color changed according to output power

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Output Port: Type-C/USB-A

Power: 55W Max (using both sockets)

Input Port: 12V

Single Port Output: (USB-A) 5V =2A Max, 9V=2A Max; (Type -C) 11V=6.1A Max, 20V=2.5 Max; Dual Port Output (Both ports used simultaneously) 55W Max

Item Dimensions: 75.13 x 33.29 x 33.29mm


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