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Compact, Fit In Your Pocket, A Power Bank That Can Be Held In The Palm Of Your Hand

High 10000mAh capacity. Able to charge an iPhone 13 about 1.9 times. With a lightweight, approximately 212g body, it can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand.

33W High Power, Super Fast Smartphone Charging

Provide Xiaomi 12 with charging power comparable to the standard charger

Suitable For Charging Two Devices Simultaneously With Two Ports

Besides the USB-C port, the power bank is also equipped with a USB-A port with a single-port output power of 22.5W MAX. The two ports can be used to charge two devices at the same time.

Compatible With Multiple Types Of Devices

The built-in smart identification chip can automatically match the output current with the operating current of different types of devices, allowing the power bank to charge MacBooks, tablets and Switches.

USB-C Two-Way Fast Charge

Shorten the time for fully charging the power bank with 22.5W MAX input capacity, the USB-C port supports two-way fast charging. When used together with the included charging cable, the power bank can be charged to 100% in 2.7 hours.*

Safe And More Durable

Compared with traditional cells, 21700 power battery cells have greatly improved in terms of unit capacity, energy density, and charging and discharging performance, while maintaining reliability and safety. They can also provide multiple circuit protections to ensure safe use.

– Overheat protection
– Short-circuit protection
– Reset protection
– Input overvoltage protection
– Input overcurrent protection
– Output overcurrent protection
– Output overvoltage protection
– Overcharge and overdischarge protection
– Overcurrent and short-circuit protection

2-In-1 Charging Cable

A standard C to C to A charging cable is provided in the package to allow you to freely switch between USB-C and USB-A ports. Availability of two charging methods via one data cable makes it more convenient to carry when travelling.


Eco-Friendly Casing

PC + ABS environment-friendly casing for peace of mind.

Hidden Keys

Ingeniously designed with one-piece moulding.

Xiaomi’s First Hidden Indicator Light*

Check your battery level at a glance.


Innovative Exterior Design

The shiny and frosted combined surface of the casing provides the power bank with an exquisite exterior.

*Suitable for air travel: Comply with international aviation standards, namely, single portable charging device with a capability of less than 100Wh.
*MacBook: When the USB-C port of the Xiaomi 33W Power Bank 10000mAh Pocket Edition Pro is used separately, the power bank can charge the following models: MacBook (2015) A1534, MacBook Pro (2018) A1708, MacBook Pro (2020) A2141, MacBook Air (2020) A2337, MacBook Pro (2018) A2159.
*Can be charged to 100% in 2.7 hours: When used together with the 18W fast charger (not included) and the charging cable in the package, the power bank can be charged to 100% in 2.7 hours.
*Xiaomi’s first hidden indicator light: As of 12 October 2021, power banks sold on Xiaomi’s official sales platform.
*Unless otherwise noted, all data above are measured values from Zimi laboratories. However, the data may vary subject to objective environmental changes (e.g. device software versions, ambient temperature).

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