Screen Protector SilkyMatt for Xiaomi 14 Ultra


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Silky touch, ensures full protection

Up to 4 times more resistant screen

Maximum damage protection

Matt finish

Full comfort of smartphone use

Application in wet

Problem-free autonomous application

Self-Heal™ Technology

Minor damage disappears within 24h

Makes the screen up to 4 times more resistant

SilkyMatt Pro is a protective film, which provides a full protection from typical damage. It makes the smartphone screen up-to 4 times more resistant against damage! One layer in the film structure is the impact-protection base we have tested many times. It considerably reduces the risk of the display damage when the mobile falls on a hard surface or comes into contact with sharp objects. SilkyMatt Pro keeps you stress-free and prevents expensive screen replacements. You can carry and use your mobile any time, any place and any way you want.

Matt finish and silky touch

Touch it once …and you’ll never think of ITS replacement… The SilkyMatt Pro film has an unique, matt, silky touch surface and provides unmatched comfort of smartphone use, regardless of the conditions. Texting in a sunlight? SilkyMatt Pro film makes you have your display always under control. Finger moves smoothly, and every touch of the screen is a pure pleasure. An additional benefit of the matt finish is the elimination of fingerprints.

Extremely easy to apply

SilkyMatt Pro is a breakthrough in screen protection systems! The film is wet-applied and guarantees perfect results at the very first attempt – no bubbles and dust. The film is applied to the display using a state-of-the-art, 100% safe gel, which is included in the kit. No previous experience or special room conditions are required. No chance wet application fails.


Frequent replacement of the screen protection is no longer required when using SilkyMatt Pro. The innovative Self-Heal™ technology is self regenerating – minor scratches and damage visible on the film disappear within 24 hours . Perfectly smooth and aesthetic film surface is guaranteed for a long time and offers an ecological, economic and comfortable solution.

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