Screen Protector for Xiaomi 13 Lite


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Designed for curved screens.

Semi-Wet Installation
Perfect fit to the display

Self-Heal™ technology
The film will last longer

It strengthens the screen by 150%
And you won’t feel it on the screen

Protective film for a rounded screen
The curved display is a real challenge for film and glass designers. It happens that the protective element peels off or sticks out, which makes the protection weaker. A solution? ARC+™ film design pays special attention to the rounded screens. It fits from edge to edge, protecting the entire display.

Semi-Wet Installation
Why did we bet on the installation with the installation gel? First of all, it will allow you to achieve a perfect look: you can easily install the film, the film adheres perfectly to the device, even on the edges and does not peel off. You can also easily adjust the film position on the display during the installation.

The screen strengthened by 150%
Do you value protection that will increase display strength while remaining invisible? ARC+™ is a solution that meets both these conditions. With a thickness of just 0.17 mm and a screen strengthening of up to 150%, you will not be afraid of scratches and impacts.

Perfect transparency
Are you afraid that the saturation of colours or sharpness will deteriorate after you install the film? No need at all! The structure of the film will ensure that the actual colors of the displayed content are maintained. The ARC™ film is a guarantee of perfectly reproduced colours on the screen and perfect transparency!

We have used a Self-heal™ coating to make ARC+™ film even more practical. The film will self-heal small scratches and damage within 24 hours. The protection provides maximum comfort, because you enjoy a perfectly smooth film even longer!

Compatible with the reader
Are you looking for protection that will support the fingerprint reader on your phone? ARC+™ is a great choice: the film has a uniform, smooth touch-sensitive surface. It provides effective screen unlocking and excellent responsiveness. Exceptional comfort at your fingertips!

Set includes:
– 1 pc. ARC+™ (front),
– wet cleaning cloth,
– dry cleaning cloth,
– installation gel,
– Anti-Bubble Card™.

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