Fullscreen film for Xiaomi 12 Pro


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In stock

Delivery on 30, November 2023

Arc + Rounded screen enhanced by 150% ARC + ™ is a response to the needs of phone owners with a rounded screen.

It will take care to increase the chances of your smartphone to survive the inevitable falls, bumps and scratches.

The product is enriched with Self-Heal ™ technology – what does it mean? That all minor damage will heal itself within 24 hours!

Transparency of the display and fingerprint reader The foil is only 0.17 mm thick, so it remains almost imperceptible under the fingers.

The exceptional clarity of the screen and good color reproduction are another of its advantages.

The smooth structure helps in error-free fingerprint reading, which is why unlocking the phone is a breeze.

Extremely easy installation. Fixing the ARC + ™ with the included mounting gel will make the foil perfectly fit the screen, without unwanted bubbles! Mount it unhindered, even on the rounded edges.

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