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Xiaomi 13 case

Fino is a series of elegant phone cases designed by Dux Ducis . The case is made of durable polycarbonate with a soft TPU edge, built-in PVC layer and nylon fabric for a secure grip. The material is resistant to dirt, fingerprints do not appear on it. The cover is adapted to the Xiaomi 13 , perfectly protects the phone against damage due to falls or scratches (for example, by keys carried in a pocket). Raised edges around the screen and rear camera protect the phone from scratching these elements when it is placed on a flat surface. It has responsive buttons and cutouts for ports. Perfect for people who value style, quality and want to take care of their device.


  • Brand: Dux Ducis
  • Series: Dux Ducis Fino
  • Material: TPU, PU, PVC, PC
  • Compatibility: Xiaomi 13
  • Black colour

Key features of the Dux Ducis Fino case for Xiaomi 13:

  • High quality TPU material. Thermoplastic material is resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Attractive appearance. The back of the cover is covered with a layer of nylon.
  • Great protection against damage. The cover protects the phone from damage.
  • Raised edges. There are raised edges around the screen and camera.
  • Functional and comfortable. The case fits well in the hand, has responsive buttons and cutouts for the speakers and the charging connector.

Protecting your phone from damage

The case is the basis that you should buy when buying a phone. A good cover is able to reduce the risk of damage to the phone after a fall. That’s why it’s worth getting the Dux Ducis Fino case, whose flexible casing distributes the impact energy on its surface, and the raised edges around the screen protect its surface from scratches when the phone is placed face down to the table.

Camera protection

The cover protects the camera glass from scratches. The lens hides inside the case and does not protrude over the edge. Thanks to this, there is no contact with the ground when the phone is placed face up.

Perfectly cut

The case has precisely cut holes in the places of the camera, speakers and charging plug. Everything is precisely matched to a specific phone model.

Support for wireless charging

The cover does not contain any metal elements. You can safely use the Qi wireless charger without removing the case.

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