Case for Redmi Note 12 5G / Poco X5


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Compatible with
✅Redmi Note 12 5G
✅Poco X5

Not compatible with
❌Redmi Note 12 4G

❌Redmi Note 12 Pro
❌Poco X5 Pro


In stock

Delivery on 02, October 2023
  • Protect your phone with an anti-shock cover provided with a ring-type Popsocket that ensures the desk support function, as well as with a metal plate that is compatible with magnetic car mounts .
  • The case for Redmi Note 12 5G / Poco X5 has an innovative design, because it manages to protect against mechanical shocks, but also to make your life easier at the office or when you are behind the wheel.
  • The phone holder in the form of a ring ensures a firm grip, but also offers total freedom of use, as it allows 360° rotation and up to 120° tilting .
  • The case for Redmi Note 12 5G / Poco X5 includes a metal plate that is compatible with magnetic car mounts , so you won’t have to stick anything on the phone.
  • The phone ring also performs the function of desk support , so it offers you the opportunity to watch the screen in landscape (horizontal) format.
  • The case will protect your phone in the event of a mechanical shock, as it has been subjected to rigorous tests that have demonstrated its effectiveness in the case of falls from a height of 2 meters.
  • With a thickness of 0.6mm , the case for Redmi Note 12 5G / Poco X5 ensures the best level of protection without making the phone thicker or heavier, so you will be able to use the device in a natural way.
  • The case has raised edges by 0.5mm in the camera area, respectively by 0.8mm on the edge of the screen to protect against scratches when you place the phone on a hard surface.
  • Made of polycarbonate, TPU and metal, the cover has a premium appearance that prevents the appearance of dirt and fingerprints on its entire surface.
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