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Matt Case – Colourful, matte protective case

Stylish – beautiful emerald shade and matte finish

Reliable – performance proven by the Absorber125 class

Environmentally friendly – durability and safety (RoHS certified)

Elegant protection for your smartphone

3mk Matt Case lovage colourful case will provide your smartphone with reliable protection even in extreme situations and turn it into a stylish and elegant accessory. The case comes in a beautiful shade of emerald green with a fashionable and practical matte finish. The premium TPU material provides the Matt Case with increased resistance to scratches, dirt and discolouration. It retains its aesthetic appearance and saturated colour for a long time. The case can be safely cleaned and even machine washed.

Absorber125 class reliability

3mk Matt Case lovage case has passed rigorous safety tests, achieving the Absorber125 resistance class. The smartphone, protected by trhe matte case, was subjected to a series of 26 drops from a height of 125 cm. Each time, the Matt Case effectively absorbed the force of the impact, protecting the device 100%. The sleeve is ultra-thin (1.2 mm) and extremely flexible, so it fits the smartphone casing perfectly. It protects it from the harmful effects of sand and dust. Raised edges further protect the screen and camera.

User- and nature-friendly

Green Matt Case has been designed to offer full freedom of use of your smartphone at the same time as the highest level of protection. The sleeve has a precise fit and the special EasyClick Buttons technology ensures that all buttons are fully responsive. Matt Case’s structure allows for seamless inductive charging. So you don’t have to take off the case protection to charge your smartphone wirelessly. 3mk Matt Case lovage is an environmentally friendly solution and free of harmful substances, which is confirmed by PZH certificate and RoHS mark.

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